June 2019

Yoobin Park and Dr. Geoff Macdonald find that when it comes to romantic partners, people gravitate toward similar personality traits from one relationship to the next.

March 2019

Dr. Geoff MacDonald proposes using research on attachment to improve mentoring relationships.

February 2019

Dr. Samantha Joel, director of the Relationship Decisions Lab at Western University, discusses how people make decisions in romantic relationships. 

November 2018

Dr. Samantha Joel, Dr. Emily Impett, Dr. Geoff MacDonald, and Dr. Stephanie Spielmann find that people are less likely to initiate a breakup when they believe their partners are dependent on the relationship.

November 2018

Dr. Nick Hobson, Dr. Geoff MacDonald, and Juensung Kim find that exposure to prosperity gospel makes people more likely to show an unrealistic sense of optimism for life and take more financial risks.

October 2018

Dr. Stephanie Spielmann finds that pursuing sex with an ex does not seem to stand in the way of people's recovery from a breakup.

February 2018

Dr. Geoff MacDonald shares his thoughts on the need for attention and belonging.

October 2017

Dr. Geoff MacDonald shares his expertise on romantic rejection, pain, and connection.

August 2017

Dr. Samantha Joel, Dr. Geoff MacDonald, and Dr. Elizabeth Page-Gould explore the specific pros and cons people weigh when deciding to stay or leave a romantic relationship.

March 2017

Dr. Geoff MacDonald shares his thoughts on social interaction and connection in singlehood.

February 2017

Dr. Geoff MacDonald discusses the functionality of love-induced physical pain.

November 2016

Dr. Jessica Maxwell finds that people who believe in sexual growth (versus sexual destiny) have happier sex lives in long-term relationships.

October 2016

Dr. Geoff MacDonald talks about his Human Sexuality seminar for psychology undergraduates at the University of Toronto.

December 2015

Dr. Geoff MacDonald shares his thoughts on the physical pain that can accompany emotional pain.

May 2015

Dr. Geoff Macdonald finds that women rejected by an attractive suitor are more likely to subsequently reject (and be more critical of) an unattractive suitor.

February 2015

Dr. Samantha Joel discusses why it may be better to under-promise and over-deliver when it comes to doing things to bolster your relationship.

January 2015

Dr. Samantha Joel talks about how human touch can help foster a sense of belonging and connection.

January 2014

Dr. Samantha Joel uses relationship research to write research-based wedding vows in order to achieve long-term marital bliss.

December 2013

Dr. Stephanie Spielmann finds that people with stronger fears about being single are willing to settle for less in their relationships.

March 2013

Dr. Geoff MacDonald discusses insecure attachment, social threat, and reward perceptions with Dr. Bjarne Holmes.

April 2011

Dr. Geoff MacDonald discusses the relationship between emotional and physical pain with Pat Morrison at Southern California Public Radio.

April 2011

Dr. Geoff MacDonald finds that the body's response to social insult is similar to physical injury.

April 2011

Dr. Geoff MacDonald discusses people's use of reverse psychology as a persuasion tactic and a way to garner interpersonal reassurance.

January 2011

Dr. Geoff MacDonald discusses emotional expression in men and women.

January 2010

Dr. Geoff MacDonald discusses patterns of relationship conflict.

July 2009

Dr. Geoff MacDonald discusses how higher self-esteem can lead to a better relationship.

July 2009

Dr. Geoff MacDonald comments on Western feelings of independence towards family members.

July 2009

Dr. Stephanie Spielmann finds that rebound relationships may be beneficial for anxiously attached individuals.

February 2009

Dr. Geoff MacDonald discusses factors that may affect attraction between men and women.

August 2008

Dr. Geoff MacDonald discusses extra-dyadic emotional involvement and jealousy from an evolutionary perspective.

July 2020

Kristina Schrage discusses her research on the effects of verbal and nonverbal communication on avoidantly attached partners' emotions.

May 2020

Dr. Ravin Alaei, Germain Lévêque, Dr. Geoff Macdonald, and Dr. Nicholas Rule find that men's (but not women's) faces convey information about their approaches to relationships.

February 2020

Yoobin Park, Dr. Matthew Johnson, Dr. Geoff MacDonald, and Dr. Emily Impett find that perceiving gratitude from a partner can reduce one's attachment anxiety. 

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